Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Millwall Moz

Apparently song-writing extraordinaire and L.A resident Morrissey is a Millwall fan! The former Smiths man has been spotted in Los Angeles sporting a new Millwall shirt and apparently he will be at the New Den on Saturday for the League 1 side's home clash with Leeds.

The Moz is good pals with Millwall's assistant boss Joe Gallen who sent him his very own shirt featuring the number '9' and the name 'Mobster' on the back. I am not in the least bit surprised at this news as Morrissey and depression go hand in hand and there is NOTHING more depressing than a Saturday afternoon in Bermondsey.

Possible Morrissey/Millwall re-releases...

- Hand in Glove (someone else's)
- Everyday is like Saturday
- Police officer on fire
- Sister I'm a skin head
- Lost
- Do your best and worry
- I am hated for cheering
- Blues fan in a coma
- Shoplifters of the Den unite
- Heaven knows I'm miserable now
- First of the gang to die
- Interesting thug
- Disappointed
- Now my car is full
- Dagenham Dave's dead
- Trouble loves me
- Stop me if you've punched this one before

If you can think of any more, leave them in the comments.

- Bigus.


Keith said...

So that's why they're in League One. . .Keats and Yeats are in the side!

Andrew said...

Millwall v. Nasty Leeds. What's the over/under on red cards?

I may be mistaken, but I remember reading Millwall supporters used to, or still do, chant "No one likes us. We don't care."

Bigus Dickus said...

They do.. and I want to know the over/under on bodies in the local hospital at 6pm.