Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In Argentina, if you don't win, YOU DIE

Trivia Question of the Day: has an owner ever threatened to kill his own team before?

Until late last week, I believe the answer to be no (at least any such events that we outside the dressing room might have heard about). But then, just when it appeared that no-one had ever done so, we get this late entry from South America.

It happened, as most of these wild and crazy footballing stories do, in Argentina.

Rosario Central is a proud, mid-table side in the Primera Division, one that's almost a decade removed from its last league title. Since 1889, they've been plying their wares, and lately, things have taken a turn for the worse, and after a rather crap start to the season, they're sitting in 19th, second-from-last, with just 8 points from 9 games.

Owner and politician (such a wonderful, volatile mix of jobs) Horacio Usandizaga isn't taking this downturn very well, and during a recent "off-the-record" discussion with club supporters, he tipped his hand: "Central are going to get out of this situation, we are going to move forward. We are going to kill the players, coaching staff and anyone else."

Not much room for misinterpretation, is there?

Unsurprisingly, the soundbite has provoked a hefty response, especially in light of recent football-related violence around the country.

Rosario's captain, Kily Gonzalez, a Spanish La Liga champ with Valencia and Serie A winner with Inter Milan, issued a hasty statement on behalf of the team, who obviously don't wish to die for their poor football:

"We want to express our pain and our sentiments over this situation. We are as interested and as committed as anyone in trying to make sure that Rosario Central regain their historical place, which we have lost for various reasons."
The Argentine FA is investigating the story, which was reportedly caught on tape. To anyone who may have seen it (unlikely): put the thing on YouTube already and email it to us, alright?


├╝75 said...

If they are going to die, they should die with their boots on.

Precious Roy said...

That would certainly give them piece of mind.

The Fan's Attic said...

Patrick Henry he is not.

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If you wish to see the rant, go to