Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Poland, you just beat your troubles away

Don't mock the Plock

It's not easy being a football fan sometimes. When you're one of the better teams, you get the joy of winning most weeks, but even the best sides come unstuck from time-to-time, and suddenly you're the ones on the other end of a heavy defeat.

Well, in Poland, the remedy is simple: don't drink your woes away... just use your fists instead!

This past weekend, Polish First League (really their 2nd-tier division) high-fliers Flota Swinoujscie welcomed struggling Wisla Plock to town for a league fixture. As expected, Flota won the match comfortably, 4-1, and while the home crowd celebrated the beatdown, the small cadre of disgruntled Plock fans decided to vent their frustrations by hopping the fences and assaulting the Flota supporters. Makes sense, right?

Check the videos below: the first is mostly match highlights (flip to the last 35 seconds or so to see the trouble brew and unfold in full), whereas the second is the news report. All us UFers find it incredible that the visiting fans could have beat down the home fans like that!

Perhaps for Flock's next match, the fans should wear the kits and the players should take a rest in the stands. It might help them greatly.

5 goals, several punches, 27 arrested, and one hilarious story.

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The Fan's Attic said...

Those Polocks always get things mixed up.