Wednesday, October 15, 2008

German Footballer Goes Against the Run of Play

Eva Roob brings new definition to a two-way player on the soccer field.

Roob is a former professional women's soccer player in Germany who is now starring in the adult industry (NSFW Slideshow in link). Samira Summer, her stage name, started out as a defensive midfielder keeping players out of the box, and now she lets them into the box all the time.

I'd like to take this opportunity to let you, the loyal UF reader, know that we strive to bring the readers and fellow footy fans the best stories we can find be it serious, humorous, technical, or ribald, especially the ribald. I take great pride in researching the stories I post and I did a ton of research (NSFW) for this one.

Now, back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Let me warn you: all of these links are NSFW as is the video after the jump and the one photo could be deemed so, although none of the good parts are revealed. Don't go blaming us if you get fired after clicking through the links.

Also, please note this story has only appeared on websites not written in English, so the information I bring you is based on my declining German language proficiency.

Ms. Roob played for FC Nuremberg in 2nd Women's Bundesliga beginning in 2001. She played two years, but the pay wasn't the greatest so she had to "augment" (NSFW) her income. Naturally, she thought of Roob's boobs (NSFW) as a source of income dancing at corporate parties and doing photoshoots.

Unfortunately, the hours of second job clashed with her first job. Summer was coming in at five in the morning and going back to the pitch at ten o'clock. Even her teammates knew two demanding professions such as hers could not succeed. No word if there was some jealousy from the teammates about a lack of lap dances.

The choice for Roob was was fun but taking her clothes off was much more thrilling. This last statement is much better in German:

"Fußball hat mir Spaß gemacht. Aber mein neuer Job ist einfach noch viel, viel prickelnder."
Noch viel prickelnder, indeed.

On Thursday, Samira Summer will appear at Germany's largest erotic fair, "Venus," in Berlin. Any Berlin UF readers maybe take a long lunch and get to know Ms. Summer.

And, for your enjoyment, a NSFW slide show of Eva Roob.


Mike Georger said...

are we talking just posing nude (as im no longer 15 and live in the age of high speed internet, that just doesnt make the nut) or full on penetration porn here?

some of the us women's team should probably jump on this train. so to speak.

betch said...

Yes, clearly the US Women's national team should "jump on this train" because even being ranked number one in the world is still not enough for them to be taken seriously as professional footballers.

As for Eva Roob, congratulations to her except it's a shame her pay was so low, she had to supplement her income in the first place.

Objectify away, but, to me, this post is proof how hard it is for many women to make a living in this sport.

Andrew said...

@ Georger: you just made me smile with the "make the nut" line. Can I license it for use? Can we make it a new goal call? As in, "Torres makes the nut!"

Andrew said...

Also, UF After Dark. Potential new post series?

Lingering Bursitis said...

Simply brilliant, Attic. And yet, Betch, I do sympathize with that sentiment: it is so very difficult for them to maintain that football career, and I doubt many will have the natural beauty or augmentation to make a similar career transition as Ms. Roob, not that they should even have to!

UF After Dark? I'm not sure what it would involve, but I daresay there's more amateur men playing football out there and moonlighting in porn. Not research I'm ever going to begin, either.

"Make the Nut" is brilliant.