Monday, October 13, 2008

Carlos Tevez has bigger problems than fitting into the 4-3-3

Carlos Tevez has had a slow, gentle start to the season, much like the rest of his teammates. 8th place after 7 weeks is a little lower than they'd like to be, as is Tevez' strikerate of 1 goal in his first 9 games for the Red Devils in 2008/09.

And yet, as with most things Mancunian, they have a tendency to even out over time, and you just know they'll be fine. Despite the endless fun we poke at their underwhelming campaign to date, but we know they'll get back on track, charming their way into the title hunt. Heck, they'll probably win the whole thing.

For Carlos Tevez' brother, it's another story entirely. Being arrested for attempted robbery will do that to you.

From the Daily Mail:

"Juan Alberto Martinez, 29 - the United and Argentina star's older half-brother - reportedly was part of a gang of four masked men who attacked a security van at a service station.
They allegedly threatened the guards and ran off with their weapons and cash boxes."
Martinez, the older half-brother to Carlos T, ended up with a ton of empty boxes and was eventually arrested in Buenos Aires, while the rest of the gang was rounded up in Cordoba. Interestingly enough, the gang had another lad connected to Tevez: his half-sister's boyfriend.

There's not much to make fun of here, as invariably these stories come up every once in a while and remind us that yes, there's more to life than soccer. Of course, Carlos isn't implicated or involved in any way, but it's hardly the sort of family matter you wish to be dealing with, is it?

After all, they're hosting West Bromwich Albion this coming weekend!

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Mike Georger said...

theyve got a game in hand, they could well be three points back right now. their demise has sadly been blown out of proportion