Monday, October 13, 2008

Boo Hoo

Kris Boyd (who?) or Billy big boots, made the top story of the BBC home page this Saturday.

Bigus, for one, did NOT appreciate having England's 5-1 victory knocked from the top slot to indulge the selfish whims of an average Scottish footballer (suck it, Boyd).

The Rangers forward made all the headlines this weekend for 'quitting International football'. Why has Sir Billy of large boots decided to shun his country? Because he was not picked to play. Altogether now... AWWWWW, Poor Kris.

Boyd told Scotland manager George Burley of his decision in an voicemail message on Saturday night. Maybe he should have sent a text? I mean, leaving a message takes up more time and you have to be bothered to speak, after waiting for the beep, which could take a whole 5 seconds to arrive depending on your service.

"I left a message on George Burley's phone last night and he hasn't got back to me (not surprisingly). I will not be playing for George Burley again, but I hope to be back in a Scotland jersey again one day." - Kris Boyd.

Boyd is throwing his toys from the pram because Burley left him on the bench for Saturday's World Cup qualifier against Norway at Hampden Park, preferring to bring on Chris Iwelumo in the second half instead.

Burley has responded to Boyd's fit, claiming that Boyd has not established himself in the Rangers team this season and he also questioned Boyd's commitment.

Speaking on Saturday night Burley had this to say...

"I only want people who are totally committed. You have got to show that passion and if you don't want to show it and you want to step out, fine."

He added: "Reputations are in the past. I choose a squad, I look at them play, I look at their attributes, I look at how they show up in training, which is very important, and I look at combinations."

So let's look at Boyd's record and form and see if he is justified in acting like a toddler.

Boyd has 52 goals in 84 games for the Gers (impressive) and 7 in 14 appearances for Scotland, but we all know that current form is the key to International selection. But before we look at his current form compared to that of the player that Burley selected instead of him, lets take a look at his International goalscoring record.

Boyd scored twice against the teachers and shepherds of the Faroe Islands, once against the mighty Georgia, once against Lithuania, twice in a friendly with Bulgaria and once in a friendly with South Africa, 2 of which were penalties. Hardly a record that puts your name at the top of the team sheet is it?

Which brings us to his Rangers form. Boyd has 3 goals this season, two of which were penalties. He has started 5 games. Peter Crouch has scored most of his England goals against lesser opponents also and starts every game for a Premiership club. Do we hear him complaining that he was on the bench this Saturday? What about Defoe? He has 5 goals in 7 Premiership games. Is he quitting his country?

On Saturday, George Burley preferred Wolves forward Chris Iwelumo to Boyd, coming from the bench. Iwelumo has scored 6 goals in the last 8 games and is a major factor in Wolves promotion-place form.

The manager is there for a reason and he picks the side that HE believes is right. Whether or not the players agree is irrelevant; Burley picked his team and Boyd should be happy to be included. It is a privilege to play for your country and one that most footballers dream of, and Boyd's childish behavior is nothing short of pathetic.

Personally, I hope that he's never selected to play for Scotland again. Any player that thinks he is bigger than the team, and Boyd clearly does, is bad news. His attitude alone is detrimental to Scotland's dressing room. Football is a team game; perhaps this very attitude is why he has only started 2 of the last 5 league games for Walter Smith.

I wonder how long it will be before he wants to quit Rangers? Oh that's right, they pay his wages... easy to quit when you play for free.



The NY Kid said...

To be fair, Boyd probably would not have missed that sitter.

Bigus Dickus said...

To be fair, Boyd probably would not be able to score 6 in 8 Wolves games.

That sitter was a horror show and my mother could have back heeled that in with her eyes shut.

Boyd is a child. Burley AND Smith can't be wrong.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

Boyd most likely wouldnt have missed the golden chance, but at the same time, he is a blue nose.

Like other Rangers players to play for Scotland in recent times, when it comes to the big games, they either get petulant or "mid-week injuries" out of thin air.

Think Barry Ferguson. Alleged captain of the national squad, but he's pulled out of more matches than I've had hot dinners.

Now that Boyd has left a lot of toys on the floor surrounding his pram, Burley is well within his rights to tell him to bugger off, as would any following manager. The boy doesnt get a game for a lower quality club, yet gets picked for the bench warming duties, and doesnt get on the pitch. So he throws a fit.

Doesnt deserve to grace the Dark Blue again, I'd rather have Iwulemo miss dozens of sitters than see Boyd get a hatful if he's going to be pissy when he doesnt get his way.

I think I lost my original point somewhere in there.

Iwulemo > Boyd

Bigus Dickus said...

The bottom-line is that footballers are lucky to have their high-earning occupation. Playing for your country is as good as gets. Scottish people should be fuming with this prick.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

Trust me, I am.

As a footballer, playing for the national squad should be the HIGHEST honour, no matter what country it is.

Declaring his intentions to never play under Burley is as good as retiring from all future Scotland games, for me.

He might as well hand in his number, because if I have my way(I wont) he wont even be allowed back to Hampden as a fan, let alone a player.