Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Liverpool FC: Catch the Fragrance of 4th Place

If you've ever been to my hometown, you'll notice that the smells there aren't particularly brilliant. Liverpool, being a dock town, isn't exactly known for its pleasing aromas, but there might still be hope yet with the news that LFC is launching a fragrance for men. And right in time for Christmas, too!

I believe the hope is that the smell will last longer into the New Year than Liverpool's title aspirations.

The Mirror had some delightful, witty riffs on what this fragrance, and those of other EPL teams, might smell like, but we feel that we can all do an awful lot better.

What would Liverpool's fragrance smell like?

Other fragrances of interest:
- Newcastle United
- Tottenham Hotspur
- Hull
- Portsmouth (nachos, perhaps?)
- Everton
- Manchester City
- Arsenal
- Chelsea

Give us some fragrance notes. I'd imagine the Spurs one to be a heady blend of money, paella, and despair.

Comment on!


The NY Kid said...

Arsenal's would smell like baby powder

/obvious "Arsene loves boys" joke

Precious Roy said...

Tottenham: Gefilte Fish... and failure.

Keith said...

"Rafa, is that cabbages?"

"Yeah, chicks dig it!"


The Fan's Attic said...

Liverpool: The stale smell of league triumphs long ago.

Andrew said...

Citeh: chickpeas, tahini, churrasco, and a hint of whimsy.

Keith said...

Villa: Skyline chili and the melted rubber finger caps of Tony Iommi

Matt said...

Celtic Cologne: At first it is shit, but by the end it is wonderful.

Available in Aberdeen, Inverness, and Glasgow, only when Milan, Donetsk, or Man U are in town.