Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The WTF

I admit it. I go to the well of Scottish shirts too often. I wasn't planning to do so today, but dammit, this shirt snuck up on me. (By the way, Firefox spellcheck doesn't like "snuck", should I have used "sneaked"? Of course, it doesn't like "spellcheck" either, so there's that) It's an eBay spectacular. I guarantee, you are not going to want to buy this shirt.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Dunfermline Athletic home shirt from 1992-94.

Such a bargain at only 5 quid. Now, you'll go blind, or at least need to take a trip to the optometrist, if you look in the mirror while wearing this, so factor that into the total cost.

This is one of the rare time where I feel bad for the shirt sponsor. There is no way that from greater than 10 feet you can even make out who the sponsor is. I would bet that you have to be within about 18 inches to even know what Landmark does. While that might work if you are exclusively marketing to players, coaches and refs, I doubt that home furnishing firms are that myopic. Of course, that could tie into the eye exam deal from earlier. Maybe the actual sponsor was not Landmark, but instead a nearby Lenscrafters. Now that is sneaky marketing.

Oddly, this shirt reminds me of two album covers, both by British bands, that were released in the early '80s.

The Cure Pornography

The Police Ghost in the Machine

>To me, this shirt is almost a mash-up of the two. Either that or an oddly mesmerizing out-of-focus photograph of New York City at night. I'm willing to go either way on this one.


The Fan's Attic said...

I can never see the hidden photos in these things. What is it?

ü75 said...

A sailboat?

Andrew said...

A decent football club?

Matt said...

That's obviously not it, Andrew.