Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Our B/C ratio—that's Bullshit to Content—has been getting a little out of kilter lately as we've been occupied sending each other more links worth blogging about than we've actually spent time writing about them.

Well, it's caught up with us this week. Hey, the financial world's ratios are getting whacked around, so who would we be if we weren't participating symbolically? Yeah, weak. I wouldn't buy it either. But promise we were totally all over this story about a guy with a broken leg foot coming off the bench to hit the winner for Pontiliw FC against Pontarddulais Town near Swansea (pretty sure those were made up names, Pontiliw and Pontarddulais not Swansea, pulled from some Harry Potter fanfic until I found one of them on the map above).

Too bad for about the third time this week, Rick Chandler over at Deadspin, beat us to the punch on something so thoroughly bloggeriffic. This is what you get for being lazy. Or that's what they get for having the ability to pay people for blogging (we just do it for the chicks).

So yeah. Some guy with a broken foot pulled off his cast, came off the bench, and hit a game winner before throwing up and was subbed out for a couple of minutes later. Still, pretty manly.

At least we've got artwork that's Welsh-germane and we're not adorning our post with a pic of John Terry. If we can't be fast we can at least pull maps that are relevant.

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