Thursday, October 9, 2008

Caption Time - International Edition.

It's that time again: Caption time!

This week I went with a picture from England's training camp ahead of the World Cup qualifying games this Saturday and next Wednesday against Kazakhstan (what's up vanilla face?) and Belarus.

So what is Wayne Rooney saying to Stevie G, or vice versa? You decide.

As always, the winner will be showered with free speech: a 'one night only' guest blog* here on the greatest footy site on earth. You lucky, lucky people.

Leave your efforts below, and good luck!


*Ed. Note: Last week's winner has their post going up today.


hockalees said...


Precious Roy said...

No, Wayne. "It's left knee on 'One' then a right kick on 'singular'.

Ian said...

They've got a little Captain in them

The Fan's Attic said...

And then, Steve, you just stomp down on Carvalho's eggs.

motshank said...

Well, if we ever get frozen out of the national team picture like Michael Owen, we can always try out for the Rockettes.

Raskolnikov said...

Stevie G: Eh, ah fink ya shood poot "Pooll da Peen" on ya percy.

bergkampesdios said...

Hava Nagila! Hava Nagila!

Happy Yom Kippur, from Wayne & Stevie

Kopper said...

OK, first one to tweak a groin wins! Go!

Bigus Dickus said...

" ...yer do the hokey pokey and yer turn around, that's what it''s all about....Wayne lad, how is Barton doing in there anyhow".

Bigus Dickus said...

"Stevie, me leg is starting to ache..I hope the music starts agains soon".

Matt said...

Knees up Mother Brown
Knees up Mother Brown
Under the table you must go
Ee-aye, Ee-aye, Ee-aye-oh!

If I catch you bending
I'll saw your legs right off
Knees up, knees up
Never get the breeze up
Knees up Mother Brown

(Wayne & Steve in Chorus)
Oh my, what a rotten song
What a rotten song
What a rotten song
Oh my, what a rotten song
And what a rotten singer

Bigus Dickus said...

You can't win again. You never claim your prize.

Precious Roy said...

He's just stockpiling so he can run the site for a day or two. We can't make up the rules as we go along, we're not MLS.

Matt said...

It's a mutiny! Here here Precious Roy!

Oy, Bigus - I'll just settle for giving you all something to smile about, until such time as I find my literary touch and have something to write about. In the meantime, happy to pile up the accolades :)