Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Skill Skool - Cheer-Up Bigus Edition.

Old Bigus has been in the USA for 6 years now and it's not just his beloved Norwich City that he misses. Snaps... Curly Wurlys... Greene King... Mum and SOCCER AM!

So imagine his delight as NCFC's youth boys participated in a 'Soccer AM' segment called 'Skill Skool' last week.

Warning: This video is extremely entertaining!

Every week Soccer AM selects a new academy and challenges young footballers. The rules are simple: two players go head-to-head and try to dazzle with the ball, 'street style'. There can be only one winner.

Click here for this week's excellent edition.

Seen it?

How good was that,eh? According to one of the show' producers, the Norwich lads were the best yet. Well that's cheered me up no end! After Saturday' dissappointment I was in desperate need of that video.

Now, watch us sell half the academy to Chelsea.



The Fan's Attic said...

A football "Academy" participating in "Skill Skool"? Sounds about right.

But, they did have some impressive showing.

The winner was a defender!!

Andrew said...

That was so much more entertaining than the debate will be tonight. And I don't think those kids were feigning their excitement either. Wonderful.

Goat said...

Andrew, you're right--I watched the debate before I watched this. McCain's juggling skills leave a lot to be desired. Also, he's a lying sack of shit.

hockalees said...

I enjoy watching the Skill Skools and Crossbar Challenges from Soccer AM. I wish we could get it here in the US.

The Curly Wurly sounds an awful lot like the Marathon bar we had here in the States when I was a kid.


Matt said...

We also had Marathon bars in the UK. They renamed them "Snickers" - the current name - much to the dismay of the Brits.

Curly Wurly's are just chocolate covered caramel that took forever to chew through and were right messy as the end you held would always melt by the time you chewed down that far. A kids favourite.

Matt said...

...oh, and like the economy, it's heartening to see there will one day be a Norwich City side that has recovered - some quality skill on show there.

Wait...I think old Bigus just put the entire acadamy team on the market. With those skills I'm sure out "devoted" board will have a price on their heads already. Damn it Bigus!