Friday, October 10, 2008

World Soccer Pornography Daily

Sometimes I stream World Soccer Daily. One of the nice things about the stream is that it runs on a two-hour loop. It goes live from noon to 2 pm (Central), then the entire show restarts from the beginning about 2 pm. So if you're not listening at noon, you can just wait for it to finish then flip back to the start again. It's not a seamless loop as often several minutes pass after 2 pm before the rerun begins.

Today, I started to catch the show sometime during the second hour and, having missed the bulk of the festivities, waited for it to loop back around.

Then I started hearing people fucking.

Really. The silence on my computer speakers was interrupted not by Kenny Hassan but by a woman's moans. Listen for yourself (warning mp3 link and definitely NSFW). I managed to get an audio recorder app open to catch the streams before the sound cut out and the show cut back in.

Just a reminder if you work in broadcasting, every mic is a live mic.

And if you're the show's producer, you probably want to make sure you clean your load off the board before Monday's show.


The Fan's Attic said...

footie and fucking?

sounds like a great saturday morning to me.

phil said...

And here I thought Spurs were the only ones getting bent over every Saturday.

The Fan's Attic said...

so here's the question...was he getting laid or was it just a porno the producer was watching?

i presume it was the latter.

also, do you have a larger clip that has the audio of the cut back to world soccer daily?

Precious Roy said...

Yeah, sounds like it was porn. But I don't have the cut back. The audio cut in a first time, then cut out for a second, then cut back in. By that time I had Sound Studio open and could record. Then when it cut back out I let it run for a few seconds, but didn't wait for the WSD feed to come back on. So, there's no show audio attached to it.

It's not bulletproof, but it was definitely from the WSD stream.