Friday, October 10, 2008

Bang Out of Order!

You can never go back to your country...but you can play for them!

Watford midfielder Al Bangura flew to Nigeria to play for Sierra Leone this week. Sounds normal right? Not quite.

Just last year hornets star Al Bangura fought a lengthy battle with the home office to remain in the United Kingdom. Watford bent over backwards to help him fight extradition to the war-torn Sierra Leone after Bangura claimed he would be killed if he returned. The threat to his life came from a 'black magic' cult that his father used to lead. Nice parenting!

With the support of thousands of Watford fans and the club, not to mention numerous campaigns in national newspapers, he won his fight and was allowed to stay. Manager Aidy Boothroyd even climbed the witness stand twice to convince the judges to allow Bangura to stay!

So, how does Mr Bangura pay Watford back? He skips out on a reserve team game and heads to Nigeria to play for Sierra Leone without the permission of his employers, as Bangura has an arrangement that he will participate in his former country's 'away' games.

According to a source at Watford, hornets manager Boothroyd feels "let down". No shit!

It's not the first time Bangura's behaviour has been an issue for Watford. The 20 year old was sent home from a pre-season tour of Austria after several 'time keeping' incidents.

Bangura is likely to be fined two weeks wages and sent back to Sierra Leone to face certain death at the hands of a witch doctor with a magical talking hat. Ok...I made-up that last part, but two weeks wages seems a puny financial punishment for a footballer who probably earns twenty thousand bucks a week.

Sierra Leone (2nd in the group) play Nigeria (first) on Sunday.