Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Check out Blanco's doppelganger

MLS stunt doubles for players in Champions League [The Best Eleven]
Cesc wants to go back to Barcelona. By 22, he'll be too old for Arsenal, anyway [Guardian]
Serie A looking to break away from the rest of Italian soccer leagues [Soccernet]

West Ham could be in real trouble after Icelandic bank goes kaput [Eurosport]
John Terry missed England training because he "felt a niggle in his back". I hate niggles [Soccernet]
Sepp Blatter does not count the same amount of continents as you or I do [Fanhouse]

And, finally:
Don't look now, but a fatwa against the beautiful game is about to enter its third year [NY Times]


Andrew said...

Of course Cesc wants to go back to Barca. Aren't we a "selling club" anyways, according to Arsene?

jjf3 said...

The "Chrissy gets shot down by Colombian telenovela star who thought he was gay" story made my entire fricking day...(found via theoffside.com)

hockalees said...

Eight months is a long time, Cesc. Even mighty Barthelona might struggle with payroll given the current strains on the global economy. Too much can happen between now and then. The world has a finite number of petro-billionaires.

I hate to admit it, but in 8 months, my ability to stomach the salary concerns of the world's elite athletes might finally wane, too.