Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: Up Performance FC Phoenix!

Interesting reading on what it take to run a NPSL club [Hugging Harold Reynolds]
Wayne Rooney, a worse flier than that 2-year-old you had to sit next to on your last transatlantic flight [The Sun]
Frankie Hejduk is truly a man of the Columbus people. Make sure you check out the embedded video too [Crewture]

Bongo FC loves the porn. Gay or straight, apparently [The Spoiler]
Laporta thinks he should have kicked Ronaldinho to the curb a year sooner []
Mike Ashley's goons are starting to slough off at Newcastle [Telegraph]

And, finally:
A two-fer of why you should never leave you kids alone, ever
Girls HS soccer coah in California arrested for sex acts on a minor [Press-Democrat]
Elementary school assistant coach arrested after for being around kids while waiting for trial on sexual assault [CBC]

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