Saturday, October 11, 2008

Will they play a 4-4-0?

Despite my oversight in the open thread post, the US takes on Cuba in a World Cup Qualifier this evening in Washington, D.C. tonight. The US managed only a 1-0 defeat in Cuba last month. This time they may fair a bit better because two Cuban players have gone missing as is the custom when Cuban sports teams come to the US.

Cuban coach Reinhold Fanz acknowledge that two players have gone missing.

"It is always a problem for the Cuba team," Fanz said. "We have security, but you can't handcuff them to their rooms."

Great, he just gave Fidel an idea.

Meanwhile, Cuban officials deny that two players are missing.

Officials at the Cuban Interests Section, the country's de facto embassy in Washington, would not comment on the incident. But Cuban Soccer Federation President Luis Hernandez contradicted Fanz's account, saying the two players hadn't traveled to the United States and were still in Cuba.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, he means nothing. We only travel with 16 players.

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Andrew said...

Ha! American players do not disappear before the game, only during it.