Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Backpasses: I wonder what all of those stars mean?

Roman Abramovich is his own economy, and must, therefore, have his own Navy. This is his new purchase towards that end [Federation Soccer]
Playing for Crystal Palace is hazardous to your continued standing in Australia's National Team []
English goalkeeper sentenced to jail for drunk driving crash that killed two [BBC]

Bayern Munich players having their bank accounts examined in match-fixing probe [Sunday Mail]
A sobering look at the host of World Cup 2010 [NY Times]
Scotland looking to poach back James McCarthy from Ireland [RTE]

And, finally:
England squad named for the next two World Cup qualifiers. Nacho Pete to be dominant [Eurosport]


Mike Georger said...

i remember about two years ago liverpool trying to work out a deal for macarthy, but it fell through. wouldnt be shocked if it still happened. i love that you can switch national teams until you hit the senior side.

Phil said...

You'd think with the money he spent on that boat, Roman could bought himself a real striker.

Ah, yes, the petty bitterness of a Spurs man. Aren't I sad, folks?

Andrew said...

re: the Bayern match-fix: this wouldn't be the first time the Germans and Russians colluded in an attempt to dominate Europe.

re: South Africa: currently have a buddy in SA; says he can't see anyway the World Cup goes down there.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

A couple of people I used to work for are based out there, and they are full of confidence it'll be there. I personally cannot see it being there, so it may end up in England after all.
I was checking the stadium developments a while ago as part of my work, and a lot of them are barely half done. I couldnt say on their status now, but its not looking good. Which is a shame, because that's a country that could do with some money coming in to boose the economy.

Mike Georger said...

Australia 2010

Andrew said...

@ KGI: I would like for the Cup to be in SA. I've been hoping to go down there since 06. I just believe the coupling of crime, recent political instability, and the ongoing delays with construction will swamp whatever good planning has gone into hosting the Cup. Too bad.

@ Georger: Isn't Germany the backup country?

Mike Georger said...

could be, maybe im thinking the backup for 2014 is australia. pretty decent chance of brazil losing it too imo.

King Garry I Of Swandanavia said...

I think Germany is the back up for 2010, which is lunacy because thats where the last Cup was held. I thought the idea was to rotate the host continent so that fans dont have to spend piles of cash every 4 years to travel to Europe(for arguements sake).

Australia looks to be a fairer bet, and they've shown in recent years that the country can support major sporting events. That would be a good occasion. Look at how well the Olympics and the Rugby Union World Cup went a few years back, and if I'm remembering rightly(no certainties there) they hve the Rugby League World Cup coming up soon too.

I'd prefer the Cup to be in Oz over Brazil, for many of the same reasons as I would over SA. Mainly crime, political instability, etc..

/two pence

Mike Georger said...

and im pretty sure they have all the stadiums they would need as well. plus the aussies are always fun to watch in the tourney so seeing them get an autobid would be nice

still bitter about that neil 'penalty'. cocksuckers.