Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That's more like it!

> Number 1 in the diving world baby!

You may remember that last week Bigus declared that the world had truly gone mad. Fulham were going to pay Everton 13 million smackers for Olympic diving champion Andy Johnson. Well, it appears that the Cottagers have come to their senses and realized that a diving cheat is only worth 5.5 million! OK... The medical showed he had a bum ankle, probably caused from all that flopping in the box!

To celebrate the world coming back to order I have added the video below to show Fulham fans what they can expect this season from their new acquisition...

Stand back Hodgson..Give him room.



Andrew said...

backflips? no splashes?

Seriously, Fulham has been on a bit of a signing tear, have they not? Still won't manage to get too much above the relegation zone.

Precious Roy said...

Too much above? No, but with Hull and Stoke locks to be 19 and 20, if Fulham's signings (most pretty decent) get them to about 15th then they should be pretty comfortable in avoiding the drop conversation.

Remember last year they blew about 10 leads or draws in the 88th or later in the first half the season. If they can avoid half of those they are safe heading into April.

Bigus Dickus said...

Fulham have been signing unknown swiaa jouney men and diving cheats. I reckon they will struggle again. As for Hull? Watch this space, old Bigus reckons they will be the surprise of the season.

Bigus Dickus said...


Keith said...

So Fulham are going to sign Senderos next?