Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday Backpasses: See You Next Tuesday

Charlton fans are awesome at spelling and calisthenics [The Spoiler]
Maurice Edu vlogs! Discusses the smog of Beijing with fellow soccer Olympians []
The Offside gets some questions in at the Malaria No More thingy [The Offside]
Someone called Sanchez Watt scored a goal for an Arsenal youths short-sided squad yesterday. We're nicknaming him "Dirty" [Soccernet]

Yay! There's more below!

Blackburn will sign any Santa Cruz they come across [Sky Sports]
Jose Antonio Reyes may move to yet another team [Soccerway]
Rangers set to lose about $25 million for blowing it against Kaunas yesterday [BBC]
Well, I'll give them this--if they are right, they can lord it over everyone. Otherwise, this is hyperbole beyond belief [Sportingo]

And, finally:
Last month I wrote that 22 of League Two's teams would not have to worry about expulsion from the league because the two drop spots had already been sealed. I was premature.
Rotherham United docked 17 points for failing to leave administration properly. Let the race for 22nd commence [Eurosport]


Mike Georger said...

in soviet russia, blog vlogs you!

jjf3 said...

just making sure I understand the League Two rules - 21 teams are now essentially playing for promotion, while 3 teams are playing for 1 "survival" spot, realistically speaking? I might actually hit the League Two link occasionally on bbc's sports football page for that...