Wednesday, August 6, 2008

At it again!

Never far from controversy, Craig Bellamy has made the news again. Not for his pre-season goals but for allegedly, verbally abusing a female Ipswich fan as his West Ham side beat the scummers (Ip..Ip..Ip..Them!) 5-3 in a friendly on Monday night. Ashton scored a hat-trick (he also hates Ipswich). Get in Deano!

The woman claimed that Bellamy responded to her "on yer way Bellamy" (reportedly!) with a tirade of foul language.

West Ham have backed their man after reviewing the incident which 'happened' as Bellamy was walking along the sidelines on 22 minutes after being substituted. Bellamy is said to have kicked the advertising boards before the getting involved with the bin lady.

Now no one can blame Bellars for having a go at an Ipswich fan but C.B has certainly been no stranger to trouble.

There was assault in Newcastle City center, threatening behaviour at a Cardiff nightclub, the alleged attack of one John Arne Riise with a golf club (before the own goal!), an alleged 'chair throwing' incident involving Geordie coach John Carver, the $160,000 fine for calling Graeme Souness a liar (I have no problem with that one), a tunnel row with Terry McDermot and more recently he was cleared of assault in a nightclub involving a female 'admirer'.

Wow, has he been busy.

Bellamy when it all began.

Bellamy had so much potential as a teenager. He was an instant success on the pitch; off it, he was always cocky and a bit of a lad. Norwich coaches found him a real handful, but he was super talented and fast. Boy was he fast!

These days people don't remember that, he is known for the trouble that follows him more than he is for the football, and that's a shame.

At 29 Bellamy has a few years left and another chance to leave all the trouble behind and show the Premier League what a great player he can be. Whether he will take that chance this season or not remains to be seen.


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Precious Roy said...

I bet we lead the Interwebs in use of the word "Ipswich" in the past couple of weeks.

But as a Monty Python fan I was stoked to see at leat one usage of East Anglia.