Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Championship Preview - Q.P.R

Money, money, money... must be funny, in a rich mans world!

That ABBA classic should become the new anthem at Loftus Road, as Q.P.R. have got the dough and they are not afraid to spend it. Sensible spending, I might add!

Since being added to Flavio Briatore's and Bernie Ecclestone's portfolio, Q.P.R. have been building a team for a promotion push. Lots of players arriving and a few loans pried away, one would guess, using a rather well-connected contact book. Funnily enough Bernie and Fabio's player-collecting has been of the realistic fashion; it appears that they're not keen to bust the wage structure (I'm sure it's risen a bit) and screw the club's financial future. They are actually running it as a business instead of a fantasy football team unlike their unpopular neighbors a few miles to the Saaaaath!

Racing stripes under Briatore and Ecclestone.

So what have the hoops been up to this summer, lets have a butchers!

Out: Jason Jarrett, Zesh Rehman, Danielle Nardello, Johh Curtis, Marc Nygaard, Nicky Ward, Stefan Postma and Robert Malcolm.

In: Peter Ramage, Radek Cerny, Matteo Alberti, Emmanuel Ledesma, Samuel Di Carmine, Adam Boulder, Kaspars Gorkss, Lee Cook and finally Daniel Parejo from Real Madrid.

Fabio has been using his international contacts book and added some excellent players, but will they fit in to English football? Madrid rate Parejo highly but how will he rate in the tough Championship? Same can be asked of Di Carmine (who is a promising young forward from Fiorentina) and Ledesma from Genoa.

Q.P.R. made some significant signings last year and finished 14th. This year they have found even more quality and look to have a very nice squad indeed. Add the new players to the likes of Rowan Vine, Akos Buzsaky, Mikele Liegertwood, Hogan Ephraim and Martin Rowlands and the team looks pretty deep.

In Gorkss and Fitz Hall they have an excellent spine to what could be a flair side this year. Young Angelo Balanta is a Colombian winger who looked a good player at the end of last year, he will fancy more appearances this year. He is certainly one to watch along with Parejo. Ramage arrives from Newcastle and while he may not be considered good enough for Kelvin Koogan, he will fit in nicely here and be an excellent addition at this level. Cerny was at Spurs last year and replaced Robinson when he started to drop the ball... no he really did! Cerny should be solid between the sticks and could probably play in the Premier League for a team in the lower half.

Q.P.R. also replaced Luigi Di Canio as coach at the end of the season and hired journeyman Ian Dowie. This is my only doubt to their success; Bigus thinks Dowie is highly overrated and brings very little to any team (except unwanted attention around Halloween). Dowie has managed 6 clubs at just 43 years old.

Dowie: Face for radio.

If Q.P.R's talented squad can gel, they will certainly be dancing at the play-off party come May.

Prediction? 5th.



The NY Kid said...

QPR were one of the first teams I ever saw play on TV over 20 years ago when I first started paying attention (along with Leeds and Sheffield). I would love to see them back up.

Ian said...

I think there's Mittal money in there somewhere as well. Dowie is an idiot but my QPR supporting friend assured me that he is gone if they don't get promoted this year.

Kopper said...

After Derby and Birmingham, QPR for me are the 3rd favorites to go up. If they're in the Championship next year, their owners will blow a gasket. Looking forward to stuffing them when they come to Carrow Road, though.

Precious Roy said...

"blow a gasket"

I see what you did there.

Andrew said...

I once got lost around Loftus Road while really intoxicated.

That is all.