Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Backpasses: It's (no longer) a mystery

Light post tonight. We are still hungover from the early morning wake up call.

Late yesterday rumors swirled of a DC United signing whose "nationality will surprise". Whether it was surprising or not after the jump [Fan Nation]
New FIFA rankings out. Mexico get what they deserve [FIFA]
Chelsea have a new target [Soccernet]
Former college soccer player does the idiotic in China. Seriously, it will be much harder to raise awareness from solitary in a Chinese jail, dude. [Oregon Live]

Sorry to make you click just for this, but dammit, I promised a jump.

DC United's new GK is a 31 year old Liberian. His pro career largely consists of back up roles in Switzerland. [American Soccer News]
Crayton's wiki here


Anonymous said...

Suck it, Mexico!

Andrew said...

How is France better than England? I mean, aside from making the Euros?

Mexico < USA!USA!USA! < Israel!

Israel is real.