Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When A Regular Beating Just Won't Do

I have got to hand it to Sunday Soccer League players. They create some of the most hilarious stories out there, especially when violence occurs.

On Sunday, a perfectly genteel Australian man (perhaps not) was kicked out of a match for fighting with another player. Alright, simple enough, but it gets better. Not satisfied with getting a red card for his troubles, the man decided to up the ante.

Both players were sent off, but police say the 32-year-old man walked to the carpark and returned carrying a metal tyre lever.

It is alleged he then confronted his 42-year-old rival and hit him with the lever several times, breaking his arm.

Not being Australian, I wasn't quite sure what a "tyre lever" was, but I was sure they didn't know how to spell tire. I assumed the story meant a lug wrench and that the device was mistakenly identified as a tyre lever (or in proper American, tire iron), which as everybody knows is a tool used to pry the rubber of a tire away from the rim on a tube tire, like bikes have but haven't been on cars since the 1950s or so. Tire irons are small little pieces of metal, unlike a lug wrench (seen above), lot likely to break somebody's arm.

But, I digress, the man was arrested and the victim was sent to, of all places, Liverpool Hospital. You see, even all the way on the other side of the world, Liverpool means one thing: criminals and violence.

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