Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday Backpasses: Do they have a Liverpool Hospital in Oslo?

Steven Gerrard limps off in friendly with likely groin problem [Soccernet]
Henry not as open when talking about coming to MLS this time [NY Post]
Italy will let you sue and win when you are offended by other team's banners [Guardian]

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Jared Sebastian Leto loaned out to Olympiacos, Scousers happy not to lose him completely to passport problem [Sky Sports]
A reasonable foreigner look at MLS [Goal]

And, finally:
Rooney likely to miss start of season because of bug picked up in Africa [Soccernet]


Mike Georger said...

yeah the team announced it as a thigh strain about seven hours ago, not the groin as soccernet jumped the gun on

i would note they have it as thigh on the article thats on there now on the main page, and also that the picture they chose to use of him is the one from his fellowship award two weeks ago where he looks like a fucking astronomer from a thousand years ago

out a week, not too worried, i mean its not like theyre some mickey mouse organization like rangers and will shit the bed in qualifying.

Mike Georger said...

... i guess TECHNICALLY the groin could be part of the thigh. either way, thats the old article

/miller lite

the picture they used

Precious Roy said...

This is going to be like Furcal's back injury.

First, it's just a mild spasm and he'll be back by the end of the week. Then it's a strain and it needs a little more rest. Then after about 5 more weeks of that, he's having surgery and 4 months have passed.

Just saying.