Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And Suddenly My Weekend Mornings Are Much Freer

Really, after shitting the bed and blowing a 3-1 midweek lead against Tottenham, Didier Drogba decides to show up and John Terry decides to shut up and Arsenal get fucked. Or maybe they fucked themselves.

See that grave? That's the one the Jesus crawled out of on Sunday and Arsenal decided to crawl straight into.

Wouldn't want it to get cold.

And I can't believe I'm typing these words but Avram Grant actually out managed Arsene Wenger. Or maybe it was as one of the guys on Fox Football Fone-In put it, Grant had simply run out of ways to screw things up so he had no choice but to finally make the right decisions.

I'm going to have nightmares of that second goal for a while. The entire sequence. First the hand ball that gave the Blues the free kick could have just as easily not been called. The ball was rolled a good 10 yards up the pitch from the spot of the foul for the kick. There was a fortunate glancing bounce in the box for the ball to land at Drogba's feet.

Then—THEN—depsite all of that, Almunia gets his hands on the ball but he just Noonans the save. 2-1. Game. Set. Prem.

Maybe I could get an Eternal Sunshine treatment and just erase any memory of the last, oh, month of football. So much for being 5 points clear. Well, on the upside things are about to get fun around these parts with the 3 Liverpool v. Arsenal fixtures looming imminent.

Oh, and like every other week. We got five of our predictions right. You want a prediction you can bank on? We predict that we'll get five right again next week.

Boro 1-0 Derby
Tottenham 2-0 Portsmouth
Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal
Villa 0-1 Sunderland
Bolton 0-0 Man City

Less right
Blackburn 3-2 Wigan (3-1)
Everton 0-1 West Ham (1-1)
Reading 2-2 Birmingham (2-1)?

Shut your fucking mouth Mascherano
Man U 0-2 Liverpool (3-1)
Newcastle 0-1 Fulham (2-0)

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