Friday, March 28, 2008

Michael Bradley bored with scoring in Holland

SC Heerenveen midfielder Michael Bradley has found Dutch defense Charmin-soft this season, to the tune of 15 goals. He has long been rumored to be headed to a bigger club this summer, in what will likely be the largest transfer fee ever for an American (until Jozy shatters it moving to Real Madrid). Young Michael at least appears to be laying the groundwork for a move.

He gave an interview to Ajax Life magazine where he said:

"I strive to reach the highest level. It's time to make the next step.

"I don't think the Dutch way of playing football suits me. I see myself as a box-to-box midfielder - I attack and score goals, but I also defend and I win many balls. In Holland it's often one but not the other."

Now far be it for me to question the bonafides of, but these quotes seem ridiculous to the point where they were either fabricated or mistranslated. When he plays for Heerenveen, he is given the freedom to come forward and play off the forwards. If you look at a highlight reel of his goals this year, they have mostly come off scraps (sloppy defending) in the box. So is he saying he would rather be a stay at home midfielder type, like his role for the US Men's National Team (suck it, Polska!)? I think he'd rather be up top in the attack scoring chicks goals.

Hopefully when AC Milan comes calling they will play him in his rightful spot in the midfield next to Kaka.

/deluded fanboy


The NY Kid said...

He belongs next to Kaka, since his play for the USMNT is shite.

(see what I did there?)

Precious Roy said...

If I were really bored, I'd work up lyrics to "Bored in the Eredivisie." Instead I'm so fucking busy that I'm commenting on the same blog I contribute to.