Friday, March 28, 2008

The Best Things In Life Are Free.... Except Depth

An Open Letter to Arsene Wenger:

Spend some fucking money you French twit.

A good portion of the UF'ers.

Okay, it's a bit short and lacking in a certain eloquence, but it makes its point.

A lack of quality depth is killing the Gunners. Really, aren't they ahead of schedule to pay off the bonds used to finance the Emirates? I'm sure the shareholders derive immense pleasure from wiping their collective asses with £50 notes but the players on the pitch are spent, the backline will have to be patched together again with Sagna out and well, none of that really even matters because you've already crapped out a 5 point lead and have flushed away any chance of winning the Prem.

Unless those same listless players have a CL run in them, that's four years and zero trophies. I'd cry but, well, soccer doesn't make me cry. Only the ending to Cinema Paradiso makes me cry.

There, I've said too much about myself. Are you happy now, Arsene? Look what you've done.

Maybe if we get more than five right this week, it'll assuage my anger. But probably not.



Spectator said...

Yes, I would be interested in signing this petition.

The Fan's Attic said...

is that Hirshey and young LB in the picture?

Precious Roy said...

Nah, gramps there is too young to be Hirshey.

The NY Kid said...

As a Frenchman, I cannot sign this petition calling Arsene a "French twit" - please changing the wording to "imbecile".