Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fire Capello!

I just finished watching England blunder its way to a 1-0 defeat to France. Well, actually, I was at work, so I just finished watching highlights of England blunder its way to a 1-0 defeat to France, and one thing is absolutely clear. It’s time for England to find itself a new manager.

How is it possible for this artard Capello to consistently fail to get results when he has the world’s top talent at his disposal? I mean, any idiot could win with a team that features Wayne Rooney as the lone attacking threat. And did I mention that England's squad also includes Glen Johnson and David Bentley?!

Yes, Fabio Capello’s time has come and gone, and it’s time for the FA to consider drastic changes. Bring in Mourinho, or Bilic, or ANYBODY. As they say of my equally pathetic Detroit Lions, it's time to “restore the roar” ... of the Three Lions.

There are simply oodles and oodles of top-class English players just waiting in the wings to replace aging-yet-still-extremely-talented players like David Beckham and Gary Neville. Why aren't those amazing players playing? And yet, and yet, it's just the same old useless strategy mistakes of picking the best English players available.

That's why Fabio must go. England doesn't deserve anything less.


The NY Kid said...

After Sunday, I assume that King Kev is at the top of the list

Precious Roy said...

No, it's got to be Paul Jewel. He already can't win AND he comes with a pre-made scandal.

Tuffy said...

The best talent? Did Great Britain invaded Brazil?