Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quite possibly the end of our involvement in the Gretna story

From the "Jeez, is that still going on?" files, we have yet another update on the situation in Gretna. It's kind of like how politicians keep getting more and more dirty throughout a campaign hoping that fence-sitting voters stay away from the polls. What, you didn't think the constant barrage of nasty political attack ads was meant to make you go to the polls did you? Likewise, Gretna wants you to quit paying attention so they can die unnoticed. Well, OK, but just one more update in the meantime.

Yesterday, shortly before a depleted Scotland hosted and held a (save Eduardo) full-strength Croatia side, Gretna announced the sackings of 22 players, six coaches and Brooks Mileson's son. Nine of the 22 players were Senior squad members, with the other 13 coming from the youth ranks. The coaches were described as community coaches, and not from the first team. As for young Mileson, how was he not the first out of the door weeks ago?

Yesterday, I communicated with some Celtic fans trying to wrap my head around why, besides the ticket idiocy, attendance was so low for a Celtic match. It seems that, according to the few I talked to, some Celtic fans made a conscious decision to stay away, so as not to benefit the struggling club. It's this attitude that may eventually kill off Gretna, who admittedly will not be missed by most football fans in Scotland. But that's another whole post, and I'm not getting into it today.

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