Thursday, March 27, 2008

Stephane Henchoz: Genius

Since leaving Anfield, Stephane Henchoz has become a smart man. I'd almost call him a guru, but he is Swiss, and they're not good for much these days.

While sitting on the sidelines at Blackburn with a nasty knee injury, he's gained a remarkable amount of wisdom, and demonstrated his intellect today in the press.

According to ol' Stephane, Liverpool will never win while they're so reliant on their stars.

Fucking brilliant.

He of course refers to the Gerrard/Torres partnership that's been the only bright spot in an otherwise dingy season. The pair have linked up extremely well for Fernando's first season in England, accounting for 46 goals this season, 30 in the EPL. Not only that, but that's Torres' best scoring record in his career for a single season.

And yet, by and large, the rest of the team stinks. What good is a Torres when you have a Pennant or a Kewell responsible for getting him the fucking ball?

Henchoz goes on, in his best Professor X voice:

"If Gerrard and Torres are not playing at their best, you hardly see where the goals are coming from. They probably need two or three very good players if they want to compete."
And, referring to Rafa's rotation:
"The rotation system sometimes in the league was not the best. They drew too many times and if they kept their best XI, they would have won a few more games."
It's no secret that Henchoz and Benitez never got on well while together at Liverpool, but Stephane, for all his piss and vinegar, does have a point. A very obvious one.

I am made nauseous every week by Rafa's scheming and tinkering with the lineup, not to mention the fact that as goes Gerrard/Torres, so goes the rest of the team. Who else is going to score? Babel's the only other possibility I can drum up.

And so, on a slow news day, Henchoz gets his gob in the press, and for all the piss-taking, I couldn't agree more. The EPL is not a league built for one-man teams, or even two- or three-man ones. That's why we're fourth. Fuck.

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The NY Kid said...

Apparently Drogba thinks this is ridiculous.

Fuck you, Didier.

/still bitter