Monday, March 24, 2008

Paul Jewell Likes To Role Play **Update**

Like I said before, we here at UF like a good sex scandal. Derby County manager, Paul Jewell, is in a bit of hot water with his wife over his role play tastes. Seems the former Wigan manager may have filmed himself having a randy romp with another woman.

I can't wait until the tape is leaked. I mean who really wouldn't want to see an overweight, balding former player on a sextape.

Details after the jump.

The Derby County manager filmed himself in an hour-long bondage romp with a blonde.

Details of the lurid spanking and sex film surfaced yesterday.

* * *

During the film, dad-of-two Jewell – wed for 21 years – ties a mystery woman in stockings to a bed with silk before they have sex.

In another clip the Rams chief and his lover – who is in her 30s and wearing a wedding ring – romp on the boot of his Mercedes.

You really can't blame Jewell on this one. I'm sure he just wanted to know what it was like to be on the other end of a spanking. His team Derby County squad has been outscored 14 goals to 65 this season--a whopping 51 goal deficit--and are relegation bound.

Update 12:30 PST: News of the World comes through with even more details and a play-by-play script. Although the photos are censored (and quite humorous), not much is left to the imagination so be warned that it is NSFWish. Jewell was hanging out with a Beckham ex-girlfriend, too.

[Photo Credit: 4thegame]


Keith said...

Benny Feilhaber is behind the tape's release.

Ian said...

Wow the NOTW link is classic.

Anonymous said...

And that's why, Ladies and Gentlemen, you don't tape yourself having sex with your mistress.

The camera adds 10 pounds.