Friday, January 11, 2008

Queen's Park Chubby Chasers

Queen's Park Rangers co-owner Flavio Briatore prefers English football over Calcio of his native Italy. Why? English football is more open and less corrupt (except for that whole bung business, of course).

He also talks about how you don't see English players "asking an opponent to be given a yellow card" (instead, players will try to snatch red cards out of referees' hands). "The referees are never in question," continued Briatore, "Because they don't feel protagonists."

So how are English and Italian referees different, Flavio? Says Briatore, "In Italy they are all handsome, athletic, telegenic. Here they have tubby bellies and they blow up very little because they are not mad about getting noticed."

There you go folks - overweight, out-of-shape referees make English football the best in the world. Sexy beasts like this guy need not apply:

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Ian said...

To fair, our amigo Flavio impregnated Heidi Klum and fooled around with Naomi Campbell for a while. So clearly the chub isn't really hurting him much.