Saturday, January 12, 2008

Roed to the playoffs?

When Glenn Roeder was made Norwich boss I was bombarded with emails and texts from friends that went a little like this:

"Ha....Ha......Roeder!! League one for you son! He's shit mate!

Now I publicly reply to those people.....Ahhhhhhhh. Super, Super Glenn. Super Glenn Roeder!

Now for some facts:

Glenn Roeder has been in charge of City for 14 games. Todays 3-1 win away to Barnsley means that he has won 6, drawn 5 and lost just 3. That (according to my fellow Norwich fan LQ) is 23 points from a possible 42. That's 55% of possible points. In comparison Bristol Shitty (who went top - albeit briefly) are converting at a rate of 59% and Palace (who, after thumping Wolves, have just arrived at 6th spot) at 50%.

My boys are now 10 points away from the playoffs. Roeder has started to dispense of the dross Peter Grant brought in and has used the loan market to bring in Matty Pattison (just signed on a permanent basis from Newcastle), Man City wonder boy Ched Evans, Mo Camara (also just signed), Chelsea super kid Ryan Bertrand and Martin Taylor (now back at Bongo FC). Taylor will hopefully be coming back during the window if Bongo vixen Karen Brady plays nice. She tried to push Taylor to join QPR as a favour to her mate (F1 guru Bernie) and slagged off super Glenn through her column in the Sun.

Roeder's positive attitude and loan army has brought football back to Carrow Road after a horrific start to the season that saw Peter Grant get the tin tac, leaving us firmly in the poop with just 8 points and 6 from safety holding up the entire league.

We now sit 10 points from the playoffs and 4 above the dreaded bottom 3.

Glenn Roeder has been nothing short of a sensation. So tonight I will open a beer (or 4) and raise a toast to the man who can while I wait for the phone to buzz with 10 apologies.

Thanks Glenn!


Ian said...

Do the Canaries still have Huckaby?

Bigus Dickus said...

sure do! God as I like to call him.

JT said...

You Norwich tub-thumper!

Wish my team won today, too.


Bigus Dickus said...

No shame in drawing away to boro.....hooo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa.