Friday, January 11, 2008

Rumour Mill, I shun you

Klinsmann's ego was well-massaged as a player, too

Jurgen Klinsmann's heading back to Germany. Somewhere, a dismal city full of drunk meat pie eaters moans at the thought of being one step closer to unveiling the most crooked manager ever as their new sideline sulker.

Meanwhile, you have to applaud what Klinsmann's done for himself as a manager. He's parlayed just under 2 years of managerial experience at the helm of Germany's national team, one that barely needed managing considering all the young talent rising through das ranks into being the first or second name off everyone's tongue when a coaching vacancy opens up.

Gillett and Hicks were randy for Jurgen only days ago, and his name flies around the rumour mill as much as he flew around on the pitch. Amazing.

There are few other careers that provide the same fawning return on such a tiny sample size. [Except for maybe US President. Too soon?]

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