Friday, January 11, 2008

Wild, Unsubstantiated Speculation: Jens Lehmann

Remarkable that Germany's number one goalkeeper should have such an ignominious fall, but it doesn't help when said goalkeeper has dealt with being benched by being a whiny, pouty, unfriendly cock. Who could I possibly be talking about? Why it's none other than Jens Lehmann! The latest news is that he's turned down a move to Dortmund due to "personal matters." To be fair to Lehmann, and being fair to Lehmann is quite a challenge, those matters likely involve transplanting school-age children away from England.

But let's just speculate for a moment about Premier League teams in need of a new goalkeeper. Hmmmm.... Can't think of any off the top of my head. What's that? Another North London team with a new coach who recently benched the England number one goalie? You know, the guy who consistently makes errors and whiffs on back passes. I'm talking about:

Well, out of the pan and into the fire. Nothing would give this Gooner more joy than Lehmann replacing Robinson and letting in even more soft goals for Sp*rs:

That would be very, very fitting.

[Update: The not-so-reliable WWL's Soccernet is reporting that Lehmann is staying with Arsenal. I'm not sure he actually said that, only that he wasn't going to Dortmund. If Lehmann does stay with the Gunners, less sniping of Almunia would be advised but is somehow still very unlikely.]


PDub said...

AGREED. Spaz to replace a tard. Fucking idiots. Lemon head should have hung em up after the world cup and saved himself the humiliation of getting dumber with age.

ΓΌ75 said...

I'd love to laugh at such a move. I'd also like the opportunity to get mad at his on the field antics (foot-stomping etc.)instead of just saying it's okay because he plays for Arsenal.

Bigus Dickus said...

You both wish you had David Marshall!!
Where did it all go wrong for Robinson?

Evan said...

What a challenge to my psyche - spurs need a new keeper worse than an octogenarian needs a hard on yet of all the keepers in all the world, this is the one that had to be available???? As we say in America, punt.

The Fan's Attic said...

that first picture looks like Paul Robinson is waking up from a nightmare where the ball is attacking. unfortunately for him, it wasn't a nightmare, it was reality.