Friday, January 11, 2008

Chelsea performs magic trick, makes extra 5 million appear in Megson's pocket

There is no God. Anelka's off again, continuing his tour of English clubs by heading to Chelsea, where he'll do really well and piss off the rest of the League.

At least it finally answers the debate over whether Roman Abramovich has more money than sense.

Enjoy your 12 goals in Chelsea blue before the axe of squad rotation and favoritism rears its ugly head. Also, you lot can surely kiss goodbye to Didier at season's end. We all know the guy hates sharing.


The Fan's Attic said...

Goddamn Abramovich and his ill-gotten gains. If Chelsea can weather the injury/ANC storm and stay within striking distance of the top of the table, I would be very worried about them. Frankly, I see them handling these difficulties better than Arsenal, who is also suffering an injury/ANC storm.

PDub said...

Arsenal wha??? 2 regular players to the Dark Continent, a few reserves hurt. RVP hasn't played regular ball in almost seasons. They can cope.

Anelka said straight away he wanted UEFA ball when Bolton signed him. I never thought he'd stay long because you know he didn't mean with Bolton.