Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Crime: Once a Red, Always a Red

Livepool's favorite son and Cardiff striker Robbie Fowler's house was robbed over the weekend.

This goes to show, even when you leave Liverpool, Liverpool, or at least crime targeting Merseyside footballers, doesn't leave you. Since 2006, no fewer than seven Liverpool players and two Everton players have had their houses burglarized while their team was on the road.

Which begs the question - are thieves just figuring out that when teams are playing away, the players aren't home? And have the players considered spending some of their considerable income on security, considering their travel schedule is published to the entire world? I like what former US keeper Kasey Keller had in Germany - his house had a moat and a drawbidge.


Precious Roy said...

On the run from Johnny Law... It ain't no trip to Cleveland.

JT said...

As someone who lived in Liverpool for 15+ years, these stories never surprise me.

When I left Liverpool, my house was robbed, but I didn't live there anymore. So sad.

Ian said...

But its the Capital of European Culture!