Thursday, June 4, 2009

Who Should Lose Their Job?

He should be worried.

So, obviously I didn't really feel like discussing it, but Les Bleus lost 1-0 to the Super Eagles of Nigeria in a friendly on Tuesday. Raymond Domenech's back-line selection of Fanni, Squillaci, Escudé, and Evra looked completely outclassed and were lucky to only concede 1 goal. Ray-Ray's response to the loss?

"The players tried to play to quickly, to dribble and enjoy themselves, but they forgot the basics. You can't win a football match if you forget the basics."

Les Bleus will face Turkey tomorrow night in another friendly, and then have 3 WC qualifiers late in the summer - against the Faroe Islands in August, and against Romania and Serbia in early September. Obviously, my thoughts on Raymond Domenech are clear - he needs to go, and sharpish! Apprently I'm not the only one, as nearly 91% of over 7,500 readers of Le Figaro agree with me. As you would expect, the comments on the latter post are thoughtful, mature, and not at all reactionary. Nevertheless, they are correct in calling for his head.

A little earlier today we discussed last night's shitshow v. Costa Rica, and much of our conversation focused on whether or not Bob Bradley was responsible.

So, who needs to go?


Mike Georger said...

I voted for both, but honestly the former is more egregious. Bradley isn't exactly able to chose from Arsenal, Chelsea, United, Bayern, and Barca starters on the regular.

Precious Roy said...

Although if I'm just a couple of days off the end of the season why the fuck do I want to suit up for a meaningless friendly?

I'm finding a soccer whore and heading to a nice beach to do a whole lot of nothing for a few days.

Still Domenech sucks total ass.

Goat said...

Squillaci? This guy?

The NY Kid said...

@Goat - Toto would have been preferable, despite his Italianness