Tuesday, June 2, 2009

UF Quick Throw: Gareth Barry to Citeh Is a Done Deal

The Beeb is saying that the transfer has been completed for £12m. Barry was out of contract next summer, so it's actually a high transfer fee. Reportedly will earn £100,000 a week.



Mike Georger said...

What an asshole. All this says is that his Champions League talk was garbage and it was all about money.

Good, hopefully this will calm some of the Alonso crap.

epiblast said...

I second that, Georger.

Keith said...

Thirded. Especially after the Holte gave him the biggest send-off of all the active players during the lap of honor last Sunday (Obviously, Laursen got the biggest ovation). Oh well. Now, at least, maybe this means NRC is not off to Spurs as advertised, and Petrov will get the armband.

All that aside, It's a brilliant piece of business from Martin- He was likely to get 8 million or less from any of the CL teams that Barry "wanted to play for," and Gareth would have cost 75k a week if he stayed.

Thanks for the 10 years Gareth. Now savor the relegation from Manchester.

EbullientFatalist said...

Fourtheded? Fourthed? Foured? Welp, that was anti-climatic. I don't understand Barry's motivation for going to Citeh.

Moreover, I can't understand Hughes' transfer policy; it seems he makes decisions by playing FIFA 07 for a few seasons, and buys players based on how much they improve on the game. For real for real, a team with Richards, Kompany, De Jong, Barry, and Robinho would be unstoppable. On the PS3.

cjdomer04 said...

You can't fault Barry for taking that kind of payday. Would anyone actually turn down a 150% raise on the grounds of lack of ambition, especially later in ones career? Well done Gareth.

Keith said...

Yeah, but when you make that move after just spending an entire year banging on about how you "want Champions League football, especially with the World Cup coming up," you should expect just a liiiiiiiitle bit of criticism for it.