Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Backpasses: Workin' for the weekend

For you extreme night owls: Iran v. North Korea live on FSC at 4 AM EDT. Hell, by the time I post this, there's only three hours to go.

This goal celebration scares me [ONTD_FB]
The World Cup trophy is going on tour starting in September [World Cup Blog]
Maurice Edu is out for the summer [Soccer by Ives]
More complaining about Bradley [Soccer Training Info]
Originaldo is a great dribbler, as long as no one challenges him [The Spoiler]

PSG's new away shirt has polka dots [Football Fashion]
You want to see some crappy club rankings? [The Offside]
Real Salt Lake's attendance is way down. We thought SSSs were supposed to be money spinners [Salt Lake Tribune]
Dwayne DeRosario is rightly pissed that visiting Real Madrid get grass, but TFC will revert to turf [Globe and Mail]
Catching up with the Iranian-American coaching Iran's National Team [Guardian]

Setanta are attempting to broadcast a cliche-free match [The Offside]
But Setanta may fold soon, possibly leaving ESPN to fill in the gaps [Celtic Offside]

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Mike Georger said...

Can I stay drunk enough and awake enough for the next two hours to make it to the Axis of Evil Thrilla in Manila?