Thursday, June 4, 2009

Football Been Barry Barry Good To Him

Stunningly, Gareth Barry isn't well liked around Birmingham these days.

Posters of the recent Citeh transfer have been defaced like the one above. Another has "Show me the ££" scrawled on it. Sounds like something you say to a fat girl but maybe that's something lost in translation from English.

Sure Villa fans are heartbroken, but they are also idiots.

Wither one David Taylor:

Another fan, David Taylor, 29, an electrician from Great Barr, who was outside Villa Park yesterday, said: "I can't understand how he can come out publicly saying he wants to leave Villa to play Champions League football and then join a team that aren't even in the Europa Cup. It just proves it was about the cash all along - he really is a money-grabbing traitor.
I'm willing to bet that if another employer offered to double Mr. Taylor's wages he would bolt his current employer toot-de-suite (get it, bolt?).

Seinfeld was pretty much right. If you're a fan, you're pulling for laundry. The sooner you accept it, the better your life becomes. Bonus for Villa fans, two other teams share your exact same color scheme in the EPL next season. So if you're really that upset at losing Gareth Barry you can switch allegiances without even really noticing.


The Fan's Attic said...

I can tell you if somebody wanted to double my pay for blogging that I wouldn't switch allegiances.

It should be noted I don't get paid for blogging.

phil said...

Speaking of money grubbing, Guardian has a rumor that Villa may be courting Hleb to replace Barry.

30f said...

Fans get nutty when players leave their team. That being said ...

Is Barry any good? Other than his English-ness is he that much better than other players on the Villa roster?

epiblast said...

I don't think so. I can't recall any matches from this past season where he really "wowed" me.
The players that stick out are Agbonlahor, Carew, Friedel and Young.

Precious Roy said...

Young was awesome in the first half of the season and Agbonlahor's pace is scary. Both faded after Boxing Day. Not going to help that the squad is getting thinner—loss of Barry, Laursen—pending summer moves.

Mike Georger said...

I don't think the problem is that Barry moved for more money, rather that he spent a year moaning about wanting to play in the Champions League, and moves to a midtable team. I don't really think Villa's chances of making the Champions League are worse than City's.

30f said...

I don't really think Villa's chances of making the Champions League are worse than City's.

Agreed, but the way Villa folded their tent when the Uefa Cup going got tough would make any player think that the fact Aston Villa is in the Europa League again this season is irrelevant. Won't O'Neill just do the same thing against Standard Liege or Galatasary in a few months?

Obviously O'Neill is not likely to play the kids if they were in the 'real' CL. But this season neither Villa nor City is going to win the Europa League so they are on equal-ish footing, no?

Plus, the money.