Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm baaaack!

Had TFA not had a torn MCL, this would have been him on vacation.

I have returned from my self-imposed exile on the isle of in Puerto Vallarta. Because I know you care, it was lovely, warm, and full of booze and good eats. I am swine flu free and clearly the banditos did not kidnap me. All in all, a successful vacation.

I was off the internet grid, but had the hotel TV. Thankfully, there was plenty of soccer on Mexican television, but it was in a language I do not know. It was incredible to flip on the tube and see a primetime talk show on what seemed to be major channels talking futbol. Games were plentiful on the tube, except they were mostly Mexican league games. At one point I watched highlights of a game that looked like it was played on a high school but not as well attended as a high school game.

I had no trouble finding a place to watch the CL Final, I just had to walk down to the hotel bar by the pool where people were congregated. I just hope soccer news hasn't gone on summer holiday like it seems to have done in the past couple weeks.

I even saw a local youth club practicing on the beach one evening.

After the jump, scope out some more beach soccer with some fine talent. Be forewarned it is NSFWish.


ü75 said...

Welcome back

jjf3 said...

TFA: props to you for getting a photo of that kind of talent. (presuming the spouse was around at some point)

(Or stealing one I hadn't seen before from wherever...)

The Fan's Attic said...

stolen...just GIS "beach soccer".