Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Backpasses: I would like PES so much better with full licensing

It's no Reggie Bush and David Beckham, but it's still kinda fun.

PES 2010 trailer out. Yes, we know you like FIFA better [The Offside Rules]
Mad Jens has mad thespian skills [The Spoiler]
When you celebrate your championship, please make sure your bus truck can hold everyone without crashing [101GG]
South American soccer is crazy, but you knew that already [Dirty Tackle]

Are you excited for tomorrow night? Don't be [Ginge]
Man U's worst XI under SAF [SoccerLens]
Tony Adams is the only person in the world who thinks this might happen [Sky Sports]
If this were really going to happen, why sell Kaka? [Soccernet]
Update on that coach who told his team to quit during the shootout. Prognosis: Negative [SoB]

Your irregular Steven Cohen update. Follow stuff here [Boycott Steven Cohen]
Now, Cohen is reduced to begging [Empire of the Kop]


Mike Georger said...

Big ups to the editor that picked that photo of Adams, simply outstanding work.

Ibracadabra said...

In case you need one more voice on the Steven Cohen situation - I received an email in my inbox today that I posted at NCNB. Strange - I thought Cohen news was "all over with" and I'd be the only guy talking Cohen today... looks like it's quite the wave of posts.

(shameless plug, but we do have a different take on the situation - complete with personal story!)

As for the Youtube, don't you mean MIKE Lowry? "I'm Mike Lowrey, Not Kyle."

Spectator said...

@Ibra: You might as well include a link!

The Cohen situation is just too funny. I mean, at this point it's not even about his initial comments but rather his continuing self-immolation. They could teach an entire Communications 101 just on how badly he's handled this whole affair.