Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Backpasses: Yes, he's 100%

Cristiano Ronaldo voted sexiest by Gay Times. Fist pic of article is awesome [Bild]
Average fan tries to get manager's job at Celtic, gets a nice rejection letter [Celtic Offside]
Another take on an end of season top 10 [Rizzo Sports]
Don't ask why, just enjoy the fact you cover a fun league [Soccernet]

Chelsea sack tap [With Leather]
Michael Owen won a libel case over claim his career was over. Um, how did that happen? [Soccerway]
A poor club in a rich town [Two Hundred Percent]
Scotland by the numbers 08/09 [SPAOTP]
Club by club breakdown of EPL debt [Guardian]
Best chants of the year [Ginge]

Abbey Clancy works out and mimes to Britney Spears. Damn, she's hot [The Spoiler]


Sarah said...

That picture of CRonaldo makes me feel physically ill.

epiblast said...

Ronaldo makes me physically ill no matter the situation or picture, although that picture is truly disturbing.