Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watch Out For The T-1000 Diego

Brazilian, former Werder Bremen star, and soon-to-be Juventus player Diego was caught by the German rags cutting a rug with Sarah Connor. It was during Diego's going away party on Sunday.

Connor is actually not some militaristic survivalist but a German pop-singer formerly married to American Marc Terenzi. Interestingly, Diego and Marc look quite similar in John Stamos-guido way.



Diego was likely still celebrating his club's German Cup (DFB-Polkal) win on Saturday.

It's always disconcerting seeing Germans in large groups before people on balconies


The NY Kid said...

Dammit - I was really hoping that he had been spotted with Linda Hamilton.

Lissette said...

He's austrian TFA

The Fan's Attic said...

Who is Austrian? Terenzi, judging by Wikipedia is American born.

Ah, maybe I get it now. Schwarzenegger is Austrian but he wasn't the T-1000. Sarah Connor was the character played by Linda Hamilton in the Terminator movies (the first and second), hence my T-1000 reference.