Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Backpasses: Anyone heard of this Conan guy?

Late notice: Last Facebook power poll of the season. Go do it. TLL promises not to get sick and forget about it this time.

Gerrard+Iniesta>>>>>>Messi+Ronaldo [SoccerLens]
It's been so long since Amr Zaki scored, he has forgotten how to celebrate safely [The Spoiler]
Peter Crouch finds his smurf doppelganger [Dirty Tackle]
All of Robin van Persie's injury troubles are caused by his teeth [Soccer 365]

Tevez to go to Citeh to spite United [Soccernet]
New blue Marseille kits are worse than ever before [Football Fashion]
This is the video that Guardiola uses to pump up his Barca players [Barcaloco]
Setanta is f---ed. Again [Guardian]

Some Power rankings to guide you. Liverpool #1? That will make some here happy [Eurosport]


Mike Georger said...

I can't look at that OM picture without having a minor rage attack over the sack of suck on the right. Un friggin believable he played in a Champions League final three years ago. My oh my how far we've come.

(And I think they've actually improved a bit, don't seem as hypercolor as before).

Mike Georger said...

Wow, Bayern eleven spots better than Inter? I don't think so Tim.

The Likely Lad said...

i make no promises

Whizalen said...

personally, I prefer the blue to the white OM shirt. That blue trim is pretty nancy-boyish.