Thursday, May 7, 2009

Quick Throw: Chelsea and Drogba speak

As you'd expect, it's rather dour, muted and contrite (and also not very convincing).


'I was very upset at what happened during the game, but having seen the pictures on TV I accept that I overreacted.

'I also fully accept that the language I used did not set a good example for those watching at home, especially children. I regret that in the heat of the moment I let out my incredible frustration and disappointment in this way, and for that I apologise.' And here is the rest of it."
Follow the link for Chelsea's prepared response that took 'em all day to write and revise and fine-tune and focus group and tweak and rewrite entirely and recover an old draft to work from and tweak some more and pore over and discuss and eventually release.

[Chelsea FC]

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Nathaniel said...

Whose statement of attrition is better?

Drogba or ManRam?