Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Backpasses: Crazy, man

ballack goes nuts
If you enjoyed this fine gif, thank Sarah for sending it along.

Boo! My favorite league to watch any match from has re-upped with GolTV [SI]
If there's a cheerleader face off, I understand if you choose FC Dallas, but the Dynamo girls look like they could do some damage [Football Fashion]
Didn't Ryan Giggs used to have a natural sweater? [Kickette]
Hugh Jackman must be looking for press for something. Here he is with Originaldo [Dirty Tackle]

U-17 Euro Championships about to kick off. How will Arsenal cope? [Daily Mail]
How wearing a soccer shirt is different in America [Weekend Warrior]
Don't like the PFA picks? Fill out your own ballot [Avoiding The Drop]
Devastating lightning strikes are not limited to African football pitches [Sports Rubbish]
Middlesbrough set to fight exorbitant fine in injury case [Guardian]

This is unfortunate timing, Chelsea fans, but it couldn't be ignored. And no, there was nothing Cech could do on that goal. Anyway, Chelsea may be searching for Cech's replacement, and have their eye on a curiously surnamed Argentine. [Dirty Tackle]


Amanda said...

Nick Bendtner drank his sorrows away after Arsenal's loss Tuesday... then got escorted out of the bar by security & to top off his day of lost dignity, his pants fell down. And it was photographed.

And he's apparently pretty embarrassed about it.

(Sorry if you guys already posted this. I did a quick scan of the site & didn't see it.)

EbullientFatalist said...

Sooo . . . what's the over/under on number of Chelsea-Barca names mangled by Hannah Storm today? 3? 5?

phil said...

F Ballack in A.

Sarah said...

I also have crazy Drogba.

jape said...

Drogba flopping was the fucking disgrace. What a dick.