Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Madrid or Bus-t.

So the Guardian says that Christano Ronaldo is off to Madrid. Again. For the 35th time this year alone. Hmm, If he's off to Real, then why would he be buying a double decker bus?

Football stars. Egos bigger than Jordan's tits. They love to be extravagant. Rolling around in Ferrari's, lounging in 3k a night hotel suits, starting their own magazines/taking calls from waco Jacko and bonking models. But Ronaldo is going one better. He is buying a double decker, red London bus. Ding ding. All aboard!

Apparently C-Rons first thoughts of England involved the big red vehicles and that's why he wants to put one in his back garden for his nieces and nephews to play on.

“For me the sight of the red London buses is what my first thoughts of England were. My nieces and nephews would love to play on one, so I’m going to buy one for them." - Ronaldo.

He may even potter to the shops in it, which excites his neighbors! As long as he gets a bus driver license of course! He is also planning to kit it out. Does that mean wide screen tv's and leather racing seats? Miniature goals on the top deck. A Jacuzzi for those nights he likes to invite over some hoes from Leeds?

“We’ve heard Cristiano wants to buy a bus, which will be a first for this area,” said one local. We’ve been joking that he’ll be able to give us a lift to the shops, but I doubt he’ll drive it much.” - Ronnies Neighbor.

Now, I don't know about you, but players on the verge of a move to another country don't buy double decker buses. Or do they?



The NY Kid said...

Maybe he's planning on driving to Madrid!

Mike Georger said...

Epic photoshop.

Erik Sweet said...

More disturbing is the fact he'd be buying the bus for his young nieces and nephews to play on. Because the safest playgrounds for children of any age are motor vehicles.

But I guess he's the "fun uncle." And at times, the "orange uncle," but only during the summer.

30f said...

He is building a backyard playground for the little ones?

Was C-Ron taking calls from MJ? Maybe he is becoming Michael - but he is doing the color-change bit the wrong way.