Monday, May 4, 2009

FUFA Chief Also Doesn't Want Anyone Touching His Stuff

Lawrence Mulindwa, the president of the the Federation of Ugandan Football Associations, hates gays and has "vowed to ban any football officials who are implicated in homosexuality."

Uganda, leading the world in progressive thinking.

Actually this one kind of cuts both ways. Apparently Chris Mubiru, the now-former manager of Villa SC—the Ugandan top flight's most storied club—is a homosexual and was having players "participate" (our word) with him against their will and "spoiling" (their word) them.

Okay, that's bad. But Mulindwa's reaction isn't exactly going to win him any prizes from political correctness quarters.

“It is not natural. Let’s fight those beasts. If someone comes out to testify against such people we shall ban them from football."

Here we're in a bit of a grey area. Are they beasts because they're sexual predators, or because they are simply gay? Because "beastly" doesn't really describe what I've learned about gays from watching 'Project Runway.'

Also, the article seems to imply that you can be banned just for being implicated. So if you don't like your coach and want him canned, can you just ring up FUFA and say, "Yeah, my coach is a flaming homosexual and he tried to touch me," whether it's true or not?

Anyway, Ugandan football, soon to have 10% fewer participants.

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